Diesel Particulate
filter cleaning

We specialise in Diesel Particulate Filter Cleaning

We specialise in Diesel Particulate Filter cleaning and we offer a nationwide service catering for all vehicles including; cars, trucks and plant machinery. We offer a 12 month guarantee and money back promise if we fail clean your DPF. We are more than happy to look at any application no matter how obscure you think it is. If you have a problem that you think may be solved by ultrasonics please contact us and dedicated team is available to answer any queries about the requirements you may have. We offer a very professional and efficient service with extremely competitive pricing structure. Although we are based in Wexford, we have clients nationwide and offer a full delivery and collection service to and form your business premises. We specialise in motor, agricultural and commercial ie, tractors, forklifts, loaders, diggers, trucks, buses etc.

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Why Use DPF Cleaning ?

Anosonics is renowned for their professional cleaning service to the motor industry. We will bring your DPF back to its nearly new condition without any modifications or having to remove the honeycomb center.


This sector is becoming heavily regulated by the RSA and garages, persons using equipment, customers using garages to modify the DPF’s can be fined or imprisoned.


When we contacted the RSA about the regulations about Diesel Particulate Filters, John Kilroy, of vehicle standards in the RSA informed us:

DPF Removal Regulation

“A missing diesel particulate filter (DPF), where one was fitted when the vehicle was built, is considered an incomplete emission control system and is therefore subject to an NCT failure under Item “Exhaust Smoke(Diesel)” reason for failure(7). There is similar wording used in the reasons for failure in the CVT manuals with respect to emissions control devices.”

DPF Modification

“With regard to our in-use road traffic regulations, modifications made to a vehicle which result in an increase in harmful emissions are illegal. Our Construction Equipment and use Regulations of 1963 (as amended) article 34(f) state the following: “Every vehicle and trailer shall be maintained in such a condition that will not be emitted any smoke, visible vapour, grit, sparks, ashes, cinders, or oily substances, the emission of which could be prevented by the taking of any reasonable steps or the exercise of reasonable care, or the emission of which might cause damage to person or property or endanger the safety or health of any other user of the public place in consequence of any harmful content contained therein”. for breaches of other road traffic regulations, the courts(on conviction) can impose a class C fine (up to €2,500), a prison sentence or both the person who commits the offence and on the owner of the vehicle.”

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