Diesel Particulate Filter Cleaning & Reconditioning specialists for all your motoring needs including private, commercial, agricultural,
and industrial.


Whether you are a once off client, small independent garage or a diesel engine enthusiast, we will gladly assist along the way but firstly we would advise that you carry out a diagnostic test to accurately assess the problem with your DPF.


In most instances, a unit will only become blocked because of a failure elsewhere on the vehicle. This could be as simple as a dirty EGR valve, faulty sensor or as serious as a failed injector or turbo. 


In lay-mans terms, once the car/van is not running properly any inefficiencies such as; soot, oil, unburnt fuels etc are trapped by this filter. Once your vehicle indicates a problem, the diagnostic can save time and money by giving an explanation to the warning indication and secondary issues. 


Please contact us and we will advise you of a reputable garage in your area to carry out a diagnostics if unable to do so yourself.

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For buses, vans and hauliers, it is critical that vehicles are kept on the road and not in a garage. That’s where regular maintenance and servicing of the diesel particulate filter system is paramount. Anosonics offer a solution and the know-how to resolve your DPF problems in a timely and cost-effective manner.


We are currently working with fleet operators and owner drivers of commercial vehicles all over the island of Ireland. Upon service of the vehicle, they have a replacement DPF on their shelves where they replace there and then and send us the used DPF for reconditioning. This allows them to get their vehicles back on the road in a very short space of time.


A common fault with diesel particulate filters for tractors, loaders, dozers and diggers etc is after a number of unsuccessful active/passive regenerations, ash becomes trapped in the filter and will not burn off so the vehicle will constantly try and carry out a regeneration, but unfortunately to no success. 


The only solution is to remove the filter and we can recondition and clean the filter back to its original state here in our workshop. We realise that downtime for these machines can cost an awful lot of expense to the operator but rest assured that here at Anosonics, we will have you back on the road in no time. We currently carry out work for many main dealers and independent garages throughout the country.

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We specialise in ultrasonic cleaning for a number of different industries throughout Ireland , some clients that have used our service include; SSE Airtricity, Bord Gais, Green Biofuels Ireland, Glanbia etc. We are more than happy to look at any application no matter how obscure you think it is. 

If you have a problem that you think may be solved by Anosonics, please contact us and our dedicated team is available to answer any queries about the requirements you may have. We offer a very professional and efficient service with an extremely competitive pricing structure. Although we are based in Wexford, we have clients nationwide and offer a full delivery and collection service.