Gas Filters

These stainless steel Gas Filters are used in gas plants where Sulphur  is added to gas lines in order to smell the gases produced for safety reasons. Over a period of time the Sulphur  crystalises  and blocks the fins of the filter reducing the amount of airflow allowed through each filter thus slowing down production and leading to a break down, at a major cost to the plant.
These gas filters are very expensive and are of high value to our clients so they are specially transported to and from our ultrasonic cleaning plant here at Anosonics. We can clean these filters through ultrasound as to maximize output and run again at 100% productivity. We clean these filters on a regular basis,with a fast turnaround time to ensure as little loss to productivoty as possible. Once again we always advise our clients to have back up filters ready and fully cleaned where possible. Our photos here are from  a BORD GAIS  plant in Dublin which we service on a regular basis.

De-Meth Packing

De-Meth Packing is used in Bio Fuels to ensure the bio diesel etc is purified and cleaned by pushing vegetable oil and animal fats through the de-meth packing and the natural product of bio diesel is produced.
Green Bio Fuels, Marshmeadows, New Ross, Wexford contacted our company requesting a meeting to evaluate the de-meth packing and see if our company could help eleiviate cleaning of the packing. In doing so we advised Dylan Codd that we would be able to take on the task.
With our professional cleaning service we were able to accomodate the de-meth packing and we cleaned the product back to almost new condition. We helped Green Bio Fuels save at least 50% on the de-meth packing which in turn added to their bottom line.

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