Want to find out what is ultrasonic cleaning ?

The process of ultrasonic cleaning utilises high frequency sound waves which are radiated through a liquid medium.

The sound waves are created by a number of transducers which are binded to the sides of the ultrasonic bath, as an electrical current goes through the transducers they become agitated and vibrate at around 40,000 times per second. This vibration converts the electrical energy to sound energy which is transferred through the walls of the tank into the liquid. As sound waves pass through the fluid microscopic bubbles form. These bubbles continue to grow in size until they become unstable and can not support their own density causing them to implode. The resulting phenomenon is known as cavitation, as these bubbles collapse the surrounding cleaning fluid rushes in to fill the gap, which creates an action similar to that of a scrubbing brush but at thousands of times per second per cubic centimetre. It is this process which gives ultrasonics its powerful cleaning action and makes it the most effective method of removing contaminants from substrates or complex shapes.

The process can be further intensified by adding cleaning detergent to the liquid. Ultrasonic detergents work on the simple principle as normal household detergent by aiding the loosening process. In laymans terms , if an item is submerged within the cleaning liquid any surface which is in contact with the liquid medium will be exposed to cavitation and therefore the cleaning action.

Ultrasonic cleaning offers a number of benefits over alternative methods available. People are urged to move away from traditional methods which use solvents to remove baked on deposits as they are both hazardous to the environment and can be dangerous to those using them. One of the main benefits of ultrasonic cleaning is it’s ability to reach the hidden areas. As mentioned previously, cavitation will occur anywhere water particles can reach.Ultrasonic cleaning is particular useful for cleaning items that are full of carbons which includes Diesel Particulate Filters, Methane Filters etc.

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