Gas Line Strainers

These Gas Line Strainers are designed to filter gas lines collecting debris and graphite from 1″ pipes upwards. Each strainer is made up of a number of different layers of high grade stainless steel mesh, reducing in size with each layer so that all contamination is trapped within the filter. After a period of time these strainers become blocked therefore reducing the amount of air flow through each strainer. This will slow down production, leading to an inevitable break down at a major cost to the power plant. Here at our Anosonics, we can clean each strainer through our state of the art ultrasonic cleaning system and bring the strainers back to their original state, allowing the plant to run again at 100% production. These strainers are of high value to our clients so we offer a courier service to collect and return the strainers in the quickest time possible. We will work around the clock to complete the cleaning process during weekends, holidays or whatever time it suits the plant to shut down for maintenance. We always advise plants to have back ups cleaned on regular basis so there is little loss in productivity. Our photos here show strainers from the Great Island Power Station in Co. Wexford which we service regularly.

Gas Line Strainers

“During the commissioning phase Strainers in the gas lines that feed the gas turbines (around 80000 Nm3/H) need to be cleaned regularly to a high standard in order to reach full efficiency .These strainers are made by layers of grid/mesh and in this case 200 mesh which requires specialist ultrasonic cleaning to obtain excellent results.This specialist cleaning is provided by Anosonics Ltd. whose commitment to quality and service is second to none.”

Luis Alberto Pantin

Mechanical Manager, Great Island Power Station

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